Guide Of How To Use a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Wrist blood pressure monitors are quite different from upper arm blood pressure monitors,they are more convenient to use and more portable compare to upper arm ones,but,you do have more limits to using them,or else,you can not get an accurate bp reading.below are some suggestions on how to use a wrist blood pressure monitor correctly

First,keep sitting in a chair and make sure the chair is not too low which you do not have to blend your body.

Secondly,tie the wrist monitor on,make sure you tie it on inside of your left wrist and keep it 1-2 CM from your palm

Thirdly,Blend your arm,just like you are holding something,and keep the monitor at same height as your heart

then you can press the on or start button to start BP test.please be aware you should keep stationary during the test

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