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1) Intelligent automatic pressure and decompression
2) Simultaneous measurement of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse
3) With automatic memory function, large capacity memory
4) with automatic power-off device
5) Large digital LCD screen
6) The operation is simple, just press the button to test

product manual:
1) The original imported chips, pressure sensors and inflatable motors, high measurement accuracy, long life
2) rapid measurement of systolic blood pressure (high pressure), diastolic blood pressure (low pressure), pulse rate
3) the use of fuzzy theory measurement, high accuracy
4) Fully automatic inflation (pressurization) and exhaust (decompression)
5) 90 automatic memory test results, test date and time
6) clearly visible large-screen LCD digital display
7) 3 minutes automatic shutdown

Voltage 3 (V) Display LCD digital display
Measuring range 20-280 (mmHg)
Measurement methods: oscillometric method
Pressure accuracy ± 3 (mmHg)
Pulse accuracy ± 5 (%)
Applicable to the working temperature + 5- +40 (℃) Exhaust automatic exhaust method
Automatic shutdown function

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 5 (V) (built-in lithium battery - can not be removed)
Display: LCD digital display
Measuring range: 20-280 (mmHg)
Measurement methods: pulse scan / oscillometry
Pressure accuracy: ± 3 (mmHg)
Pulse accuracy: ± 5 (%)
Applicable working temperature: + 5- +40 (℃)
Exhaust: automatic rapid exhaust method
Automatic shutdown function: Yes
Voice broadcast type: full English voice

product information: 
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