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Product features:
1) intelligent full automatic pressure and decompression
2) simultaneous measurement of systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse
3) it has automatic memory function, large capacity storage memory
4) a power saving device with automatic power break
5) large digital LCD display

Product Description:
1) the original imported chip, pressure sensor and inflatable motor have high accuracy and long life.
2) rapid measurement of systolic pressure (high pressure), diastolic pressure (low pressure), pulse number
3) the use of fuzzy theoretical measurement, high accuracy
4) full automatic inflating (pressurization) and exhaust (decompression)
5) automatic memory 90 test results, test date and time
6) clear and visible large screen LCD digital display
7) 3 minute automatic shutdown

Measurement range 20-280 (mmHg)
Measurement method: oscillographic method
Pressure accuracy + 3 (mmHg)
Pulse accuracy of + 5 (%)

Technical parameters:
Voltage: 5 (V) (built-in lithium battery - not detachable)
Display mode: LCD digital display
Measurement range: 20-280 (mmHg)
Method of measurement: pulse scan / oscillographic method
Pressure accuracy: + 3 (mmHg)
Pulse accuracy: + 5 (%)
Applicable working temperature: +5-+40 (c)


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